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Approximately 587,000 cleaning and kitchen assistants are active in the Netherlands (Statistics Netherlands, 2016). Nevertheless, it remains a challenge to find the cleaning aid of your dreams within this wide range. During this search we have a lot of questions and doubts: How do we know if we get a good cleaner in the house? What if something is stolen or broken?

A cleaning aid should help you to reduce stress and not to increase it. That is why we have listed the various options for you in this mini-guide. The good at home cleaning services happens to be the best option in this matter now.

The employment contract

A contract is not only a possibility for assistants living with the family for which they work. If you want to hire a cleaner on a regular basis, you can sign a contract to record a few things. You have to take into account the statutory minimum wage. In addition, there are rules regarding the activities, working hours and holidays.

Advantage: This is the best way to build a relationship with your cleaning aid. You lay down the help for a certain period of time, this can be temporary or for an indefinite period of time, so that the help is assured of a fixed income. In addition, you do not run the risk of getting a high fine for paying a black employee.

The cleaning company

At cleaning companies, you probably think of large agencies that are occupied with the cleaning of offices, hospitals and schools. However, there are also specialized companies that focus on cleaning private homes.

Advantage: Hiring a cleaning company has several advantages, such as insurance against damage, accidents and theft. In this case, the cleaners are employees of the company. This has two advantages: it strengthens their commitment and you do not have to interfere with the paperwork, such as contracts and payments. This takes care of the cleaning company. Also the search for a help is short, because the company has a complete look at cleaners ready.

The online possibilities

E-commerce is increasing in the Netherlands. What started with the online purchase of books and electronics has now developed into numerous on-demand platforms. From dining at an unknown home to carpooling and household services, it’s all possible online.

Advantage: Just like when hiring a cleaning company, you do not have to waste time finding a cleaner in your neighborhood. The technology behind the platform matches supply and demand, manages the agreements and facilitates payment. In addition, platforms select the gate to keep the quality high. By connecting to a website or app you can easily find the service you need, in your area. At Helpling, for example, you can find reliable and experienced domestic help at an affordable price.

In addition to the ease of use, these on-demand services also offer a lot of flexibility. At the companies you can change a booking up to 24 hours before it takes place. All cleaning aids on the platform are screened and insured against damage that occurs from the cleaning.